Eclipse 2017



On Aug. 21 2017 the moon will be Waning crescent 1% full here in the Farmington area. We will experience a near totality solar eclipse starting shortly after 1:00 pm. It will be visible in this area at approximately 1:11pm and will end 2 minutes and 26 seconds later. We will be in the shadow of the moon, and we will experience a cool darkness that will seem eerie and almost night like. This will happen when we normally experience the brightest and warmest time of the day. Long-range forecast predict a partly cloudy to clear day. Of course that could change. The average width of the moon shadow is 70 miles. The shadow will travel from west to east at about 1400 miles per hour. For the moons shadow to cross Missouri you would only need 12 minutes. (that is almost 300 miles) For us Missourians the last time we experienced a total eclipse was in 1869 on August 1. For the next generation of eclipsers in Missouri we will see the shadow of the moon on April 8 2024. Better experience the fun this year. While we will not experience a total eclipse here on the I-44 corridor, we will see a 95% blockage. We will see enough to say “ Wow, that is incredible” .

Christopher Columbus fooled the Jamaicans into believing he had the power to control the sun. If they did not cooperate with him he threatened them with total darkness. Legend has it that it worked. Eskimos turn the cooking utensils upside down to avoid eclipse illness. Even in our western world many expectant mothers believe that touching the belly during an eclipse will cause a birthmark on the newborn. To many cultures throughout history the solar eclipse brought fear of the end of the world. But in Italy many people believe that if you plant flowers during a solar eclipse you will be blessed with much brighter blossoms.




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