1 of 2 Charged with Starving Adopted Daughter to Death Cuts Plea Deal

(Steelville) 44-year-old Susan Abney will be given her sentence on April 28th in Crawford County court after she pleaded guilty in a plea deal to one of her two original felony charges.

She and her husband, 52-year-old Randall Abney, both of Dent County, were originally charged with second degree murder and abuse or neglect of a child resulting in death.

In her plea deal earlier this month, Susan pleaded guilty to the child abuse charge and her murder charge was dropped.

The Abneys are accused of killing their 10-year-old adopted daughter in 2020.

The Abney’s were arrested October 3rd of 2020 at their rural home, located between Salem and Boss.

The arrests came after police found young Josie Ann Abney in an extreme starving condition.

She died the next day from severe cachexia and protein calorie malnutrition.

Josie weighed just 34-pounds.

The Abney’s adopted Josie in 2013 after being her foster parents.

Earlier this month, Randall Abney posted a 500-thousand dollar bond and has been released from jail for now.

His jury trial is set for July 11th through 15th at the courthouse in Salem.

His last chance to cut a plea deal will be April 22nd.