DeSoto proposing tax issue for park

(DeSoto) The City of DeSoto will place a sales tax issue of one-half of one percent on the April ballot in 2018. The tax issue will most likely be called Proposition P for “parks” as City Manager David Dews says they would like to develop a large park that would house several baseball and soccer fields at one location.

Part of the land has already been developed for soccer fields, and a water facility of some type would also be added, which could be a swimming pool facility or a sprinkler system similar to the proposed Spash Zone in Herculaneum.

The area DeSoto would like to develop is a 40 acre area of land that would be located between Vineland School Road and the DeSoto Middle School and High School campus….part of it would run along Highway 21. Dews says they are wanting to form a group to iron out the details and promote the proposed project.

Once on the ballot, it will need a simple majority to pass. The city of DeSoto has not asked for a tax increase from the voters since 1998.