(IMPERIAL) The 2018 Seckman Jaguars football team is officially the best team in program history, beating McCluer Friday night 53-16 to claim their 6th win of the season, the most in the school’s 18-year varsity football existence.

Not only did the victory over McCluer earn the Jags their 6th victory, but it also guaranteed them that they will have their first ever above-500 season. Seckman went 5-5 back in 2006. Third-year head coach Doug Baker is more than happy for his players, coaching staff, and the Seckman community.

What makes this accomplishment more special is the fact that between 2012 and 2017, the Seckman football team totaled just six wins and now in one season, they’ve tied that mark in 53 fewer games. Some of the skilled position guys that are major reasons behind this historic mark are quarterback Seth Lounsbury and running back Dylan Hawk.

Those two were involved in coach Baker’s favorite play of the season, which came in a win over rival Northwest back in Week 4.

Back during training camp, coach Baker taught his players a popular Native American phrase to help give them a purpose for this season. He says it’s obviously paid off.

The 6-1 2018 Jaguars will look to set even higher standards for future Seckman football teams when they take on 6-1 rival Fox on Friday night at 7 at Seckman.

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