Sheriff’s Department takes control of DeSoto PD

(DeSoto) The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department is now assisting the DeSoto Police Department with everyday operations. Due to the continued turnover rate and recent resignations, help was needed to provide the needed police protection. Sheriff Dave Marshak says it’s a bit of an emergency situation, so they aren’t terribly concerned with price tag of helping out.

Marshak says with all the problems with the turnover of DeSoto officers and the lack of experienced law enforcement personnel prompted the call for help. Also, DeSoto Police Chief Joe Edwards has resigned.

Marshak says a member of their personnel will take command of the DeSoto Police Department on an interim basis.

These changes are considered to be temporary until a plan is set in place by the city of DeSoto, the City Council and other city leaders. The DeSoto Police Department can still be reached by calling (636) 586-8891.