2019-2020 Black River League All-Conference Basketball Teams Announced

2019-2020 Black River League All-Conference Basketball Teams


Cade Sutton – Bunker
Taylor Hicks – Clearwater
Levi Boyer – East Carter
Dalton Rudd – East Carter
Kyle Conkright – Ellington
Brycen King – Ellington
James Gibson – Lesterville
Holden Laughman – Lesterville
Brock Wakefield – South Iron
Drenin Dinkins – South Iron
DJ Prater – South Iron

Honorable Mention:
Blake Mathis – Bunker
Gage Keller – Clearwater

Player of the Year:
Brock Wakefield – South Iron

Coach of the Year:
Dusty Dinkins – South Iron


Kaitlyn Belk – Bunker
Rachel Rowald – Clearwater
Brooklyn Kearbey – East Carter
Makenna Moore – East Carter
Tyler Conkright – Ellington
Gretchen Hackworth – Ellington
Kaylee King – Ellington
Reese Gray – Lesterville
Michaela Ayers – South Iron
Madison Ayers – South Iron

Honorable Mention:
Gracie Price – Ellington
Piper Fitzgerald – Lesterville
Leah Thomas – Lesterville
Drew Gayle – South Iron

Player of the Year:
Michaela Ayers

Co-Coach of the Year:
Paula King – Ellington
Lawrence Graves – South Iron