De Soto Police Identify Man Who was Reportedly Wearing A Police Shirt at Walmart

The man that reportedly was seen walking through the De Soto Walmart wearing a shirt that said “POLICE” on the back, on March 14th has been identified.

De Soto Police had asked for the public’s help in identifying the person by posting a picture of the individual from Walmart store surveillance footage on their Facebook page.

According to De Soto Police Chief Jeff McCreary the man in question was a former reserve police officer for the city. McCreary notes when they made contact with the man, he said he didn’t think anything of it when he went into the store and was only there to pick up a few items.

An off-duty police dispatcher for the city, who initially reported the man, also stated seeing the individual wearing a firearm on his side.

Chief McCreary said after speaking with the man they do not have any plans to pursue charges at this time.