Concerned Citizen Kills Potosi Man who Kidnapped Aunt and was Firing Gun Randomly

(Wortham) A man from Potosi is dead after a man from Wortham shot him with a 12-gauge after the Potosi man had kidnapped his aunt and began firing a pistol randomly threatening to kill everyone who was inside a home he drove to on Saturday.

Reports say 49-year-old Tim Anderson of Potosi kidnapped his aunt from Potosi early Saturday morning and drove her east on Highway 8 into St. Francois County.

The kidnapped woman said Anderson began firing a 9 millimeter pistol while he drove.

Once he arrived to a residence in Wortham, Anderson continued to fire the pistol and made verbal threats.

The man who killed Anderson was working on his truck at the time of the commotion.

As he heard the gunshots and threats, the man retrieved a 12-gauge shotgun, hurried to the residence and shot Anderson as he was entering the home.

No one else was killed or injured in the incident.

Police believe Anderson was high on drugs or alcohol at the time.