Big plans coming to Herculaneum port

(Herculaneum) There were always big dreams for development at the Herculaneum Mississippi River port located on the Doe Run property. Now those dreams and ideas are beginning to take shape with a state wide freight system. In a press conference held at the Herculaneum Fire Department on Monday, many of those proposed plans were heard from various companies and groups involved. Mary Lamie, the Executive Director of New Regional Freight District with Bi-State Development, says Herculaneum is the perfect location in the St. Louis region to be a part of the Missouri port system.

The other ports will be located in Jefferson City and Kansas City. American Patriot Holdings began work in 2016, to design an inland container vessel for domestic transportation, which would be designed to work rivers better and safer and be more efficient. Sal Litrico is the CEO of American Patriot Holdings. He says the river freight industry is growing in a big way.

The new APH vessel would be utilized in shipping to Herculaneum from the Gulf of Mexico and on to ports in Jefferson City and Kansas City. The plans call for more development and improvements to the railroad system in Herculaneum and also build warehouses for storage. The projections are to have the plan finalized by April of 2020 and be operational in 2022.