State Auditor Galloway Speaks to Regional Radio about Run for Governor

(Farmington) State Auditor Nicole Galloway spoke to Regional Radio today about her 2020 run for Governor of Missouri as a Democrat.

She is a Jefferson County native.

We asked Auditor Galloway why she decided to run.

As we spoke, the Missouri Legislature is in Jefferson City right now, having a special session dealing with one topic which has to do with a sales tax issue regarding trading in more than one vehicle at a time when purchasing a newer vehicle.

We asked Auditor Galloway if this is something worthy of a special session which will cost Missouri thousands of dollars to hold.

Galloway says she will be making some stops in southeast Missouri in the future to meet everyday residents as she campaigns leading up to the 2020 elections.

Republican Governor Parson announced over the weekend that he will run for his first full term for Missouri’s highest office.

State Representative Jim Neely has also thrown his hat into the ring as a Republican candidate for governor.