Bigfoot exhibit coming to Salem

Do you believe in Bigfoot? Because he may be wandering through southeast Missouri.

Sasquatch enthusiast Michael Helm is the author of a book called “Slocum Hollow Legacy” that details his families’ sightings of ape men through the years, and he’s bringing his evidence to an exhibit on Bigfoot this month at the Ozark Natural and Cultural Resource Center in Salem.

Helm explains what relatives claimed seeing near Fredericktown.

Helm says he started viewing Dent County as a potential spot for the creature after meeting Dr. Emmett Reary.

Helm has created paintings, sculptures and audio presentations to with photographs and newspaper clippings that will be on display at the exhibit.
The Bigfoot exhibit will run until Friday, November 8th at the Ozark Natural and Cultural Resource Center on Main Street in Salem.
For the full interview with Michael Helm, click play on the audio file below.