Farmington police, R-7 schools introducing school liaison officers

The Farmington Police Department wants make a connection with the youth of the community, and they’re working with the Farmington R-7 school district to make it happen.

Sargent Sam Weekley is the school resource officer for the district and says an idea presented to the department by the district for school liaison officers will soon be implemented.

While the initial plan is to have officers show up during off-shift time at the elementary school, Weekley says they will try to have a presence at other events for the middle and high schools.

Weekley says officers will help out any way they can at Farmington schools, even if it’s just reading a book to a class.
School liaison officers will show up some time before or after their shift and visit schools in the afternoon.
There is no set date for when school liaison officers will begin appearing on Farmington R-7 campuses.