Man From Washington County Charged With Invasion Of Privacy

A man from Washington County is being charged with felony invasion of privacy after allegedly using an iPhone to record the women’s locker room at his Doe Run Company place of work.

The Daily Journal reports that the man has since been terminated from his post and is 54-year old Joseph Bust of Potosi.

In September, Bust put an iPhone inside a locker in the area that women take showers.

Bust angled the iPhone in a way that allowed the camera to peak through a hole in the locker.

Upon activating the recording, Bust could be seen in the video leaving the room.

Later, a woman would appear on the video entering the shower room.

She undressed and got into the shower.

Another woman was also seen in the video, and she actually uncovered the iPhone in her locker.

The discovery was also in the recorded video.

Bust apparently told a Doe Run Company employee upon being fired that he wanted a nude photo of the victim.

Bust posted a $10,000 bond on Monday, the same day he was brought into the Washington County Jail.