24 Hours of Ham Radio This Weekend in Farmington

Three amateur radio clubs will be at Engler Park in Farmington with their HAM radios for 24 straight hours, starting Saturday morning at 8.

Courtesy Matthew Clubb

Matthew Clubb is a member of the East Ozarks Amateur Radio Club.

He says the public is welcome to drop by anytime during their time at the park this weekend.

Clubb says when big emergencies happen, ham radio operators are the go-to people as far as communication goes.

The American Radio Relay League’s annual Field Day gets going at 8 Saturday morning at Engler Park in Farmington.

Some HAM radio operators will be camping out Saturday night and they will be at the park until at least Sunday morning at 8.

These ham radio operators, from the three local clubs, will practice for emergencies and show the public the importance of ham radio.

The public can stop by Engler Park anytime during those 24 hours this weekend.

Club members do encourage the public to stop by and ask questions.

Courtesy Matthew Clubb