55 Million Dollars going to Help K-12 Get Back to School

(Jefferson City) Commissioner Margie Vandeven discussed how the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education would be spending CARES Act funding.

She started by emphasizing the need for expanded broadband internet services, saying that about 20-percent of Missouri students are not able to access course work.

The Commissioner estimates that 250-thousand new connections will be possible because of the funding.

Vandeven mentioned that getting kids devices is a second step in connectivity.

DESE is set to use almost 20-million dollars from the Governor’s emergency education relief fund as well as state reserves from elementary and secondary education relief fund, however, that isn’t the end.

Another 7.5-million goes to reimbursement for transportation costs incurred delivering meals to students this spring and summer.

Schools served over 19-million meals to students in need.

A final 7.5-million will go reimbursement for PPE, cleaning and medical supplies for the school.

Full statement from Vandeven: