5th Annual Bottleneck Bridge Ride Ongoing now through September

(Jefferson County) The 5th annual Bottleneck Bridge Ride is ongoing now through Sunday, September 13th.

The annual bicycle ride began on Saturday and this is the first time it is not taking place all on the same day, due to COVID-19 and social distancing in mind.

Event organizer Andy Held says the event will continue to be staggered throughout the rest of August and into September in which participants can pick their own dates to ride.

All rides will start at Main & Mill Brewing Company in Festus and people can choose routes of 33, 41, or 66 miles.

The ride will take people all over the Quad Cities and into Hillsboro and De Soto.

Again, the 5th annual Bottleneck Bridge Ride started on Saturday and will continue through Sunday, September 13th.

There will be weekly challenges and prizes and riders can register online at JCGA Mo dot org.