(Belgrade) A backyard chicken in Belgrade was just crowned queen in the Purina Miss Flock-Tober Pageant.

Valley of Caledonia 5th grader Ryleigh Maxwell cares for the now famous ISA brown hen named Dixie Chick.

Ryleigh says they are the best of friends and now that she’s won, Ryleigh will stay true to her word and make a special charitable donation.

For being crowned Miss Flock-Tober, Ryleigh wins a year supply of Purina Poultry Feed.

She wants to thank everyone who helped her win.

Candace Maxwell is Ryleigh’s mom.

And even Ryleigh’s pastor, David Fitzmaurice of the Belgrade United Methodist Church, was excited for Ryleigh’s big win.

Miss Flock-Tober, hosted by Purina Animal Nutrition, celebrates strong hens during this annual contest.

Three other finalists competed with Dixie Chick in the Miss Flock-Tober Pageant…Mopsy, a hen from Ronkonkoma, New York…Lucy, a hen from Berry, Alabama and Bandit, a hen from Collegeville, Pennsylvania.