Huge Volleyball Tournament in Perryville This Weekend

(Perryville) The City of Perryville will host a volleyball tournament Saturday in multiple locations. Many schools from the listening area will attend such as Kingston, North County, Perryville, Hillsboro, Leopold, Clearwater, South Iron, Lesterville, Ellington, Fredericktown and St. Vincent. There will be 5 separate pools and the top two teams in each pool will go to a 10-team single-elimination Gold Bracket at Perry Park Center. The third-place team in each pool will go to a 5-team single elimination Silver Bracket at Perryville High School, and the fourth-place team will go to a 5-team Bronze Bracket at Perryville Middle.

Pool Play Schedule:

Ellington vs Dexter (Perryville Middle School)
North County vs Bernie (Perryville High School)
Hillsboro vs South Iron (Perry Park Center #1)
Lesterville vs Advance (Perry Park Center #2)
Fredericktown vs Scott City (St. Vincent)

Kingston vs Sikeston (Perryville Middle School)
Perryville vs Clearwater (Perryville High School)
Saxony vs Leopold (Perry Park Center #1)
St. Vincent vs Doniphan (St. Vincent)

Kingston vs Dexter (Perryville Middle School)
North County vs Perryville (Perryville High School)
Hillsboro vs Saxony (Perry Park Center #1)
Lesterville vs ND St. Louis (Perry Park Center #2)
Fredericktown vs St. Vincent (St. Vincent)

Clearwater vs Bernie (Perryville High School)
Ellington vs Sikeston (Perryville Middle School)
South Iron vs Leopold (Perry Park Center #1)

North County vs Clearwater (Perryville High School)
Hillsboro vs Leopold (Perry Park Center #1)
Lesterville vs Cape Central (Perry Park Center #2)
Fredericktown vs Doniphan (St. Vincent)

Ellington vs Kingston (Perryville Middle School)
Perryville vs Bernie (Perryville High School)
South Iron vs Saxony (Perry Park Center #1)