A Fitting Tribute for Ike the Panhandling Hound

(Graniteville) Older folks may remember the story of Jim The Wonder Dog.

Jim lived from 1925 to 1937 in Marshall, Missouri.

He was a setter that apparently had all kinds of special talents that eventually made Jim a national story.

Jim was so impressive that decades later, in 1999, the City of Marshall built a special park called Jim The Wonder Dog Memorial Gardens.

Now in 2023, Missouri has another special pooch that has been immortalized.

Last year, you may have heard the tragic story of Ike the Panhandling Hound who was run over by a motorist and killed.

Ike used to hang out at a three-way intersection in Iron County, gaining many friends throughout the years.

Now Ike is remembered in stone thanks to some pooch-loving folks, and Jeff Owens at Parkland Monument Company in Farmington.

Owens tells us more about the monument he erected this week for Ike at his old intersection.

Owens says there’s one person who got the ball rolling with this special monument they decided to make for Ike.

Ike the Panhandling Hound apparently came from a family of pooches that knew how to easily make human friends.

Ike’s father lived in that same area.

Locals say Ike’s dad was the first friendly dog to hang out at that 3-way intersection in Iron County and he apparently taught Ike all the ins and outs of being a friendly, neighborhood panhandling hound that everyone loved to visit.

Once again, you can see the new memorial monument for Ike at the junction of Highways ‘N’ and 21 in Graniteville in Iron County.