Accused Park Hills Catalytic Converter Thief In Court This Week

(Park Hills) A suspected thief, who the St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department said received a “bite to the biscuit” after resisting arrest from a K-9 deputy and was subsequently arrested last month, had a court appearance this week.

Kevin Michael Moore was charged with at least 11 municipal violations from the City of Park Hills.

On Monday, Moore pleaded not guilty to those charges and he will next appear in Park Hills Municipal Court on June 12th.

A news release from the sheriff’s department said the Park Hills area was being targeted by a catalytic converter thief driving a U.T.V.

Park Hills Police Department officers and deputies with the sheriff’s department converged on areas frequented by the thief.

That paid off when they located the suspect in the U.T.V. and began a pursuit.

The suspect, which ended up being Moore, ran off the road through a power line and came back onto Hovis Farm Road where Teo the K-9 was waiting.

After a short pursuit with the U.T.V., Moore fled on foot.

The deputy in charge of the K-9 commanded Moore to stop. He did not and that’s when the deputy released Teo who gave Moore the “bite to the biscuit.”

Moore does face one felony and that is the stealing of catalytic converters.

His initial court appearance for the felony will be April 7th at the courthouse in Farmington.