All Kids Bike At North County Primary School In Bonne Terre

(Bonne Terre) Regional Radio told you last November about a fundraising effort at North Country Primary School in Bonne Terre where kindergarten students will be a part of the national movement called “All Kids Bike”.

Well the youngsters raised enough money for a 24-fleet of Strider AKB-specific bicycles, helmets, pedal conversion kits, two Strider 20-inch bikes for teacher instruction and curriculum books.

Erica Nettles is the primary school P.E. teacher.

She says some students may learn riding a bicycle a little quicker than others.

Nettles says at the conclusion of the course, they hope to have some kind of celebration for the new bicyclists.

Nettles teaches eight lessons to North County Primary kindergarteners in the program.

A news release from “All Kids Bike” says the new bicycles at the Bonne Terre school is expected to impact up to 2,180 students over the next decade.

Launched in 2018, there are now 820 schools in all 50 states that are a part of the “All Kids Bike” program.