All of Listening Area Now Experiencing Severe or Moderate Drought Conditions

(Farmington) The drought in Missouri has ramped up even more during the last week.

Courtesy Luke Turnbough

Here in the listening area, severe drought conditions have now spread to all of St. Francois and Ste. Genevieve counties, most of Washington and Jefferson counties, along with the northern four-fifths of Madison County, the Belleview/Buford Mountain area to the Arcadia Valley in Iron County, the northern half of Crawford and the northern and western side of Perry County.

The rest of the listening area is now experiencing moderate drought conditions.

Extreme drought conditions are now located in a large area of mid-Missouri and a large area of northeast Missouri.

The latest U.S.D.A. Drought Monitor map of Missouri was released Thursday morning.

Courtesy Luke Turnbough