Alyssa Glanzer Scores A Vote Onto The Tennis Dream Team

(Arcadia Valley) Alyssa Glanzer of Arcadia Valley was voted onto the Regional Radio Dream Team for Girls Tennis. Alyssa and her doubles partner, Elena Lara, finished in 2nd place at the Missouri state doubles championships.

Glanzer says she appreciates the recognition from the other area coaches.


Glanzer and Lara had a record of 21-8 this year. Lara was also voted onto the Dream Team. Glanzer was happy to see that.


Glanzer tells us about the journey of making it all the way to the final day of the tennis season.


The Arcadia Valley tennis coach is Charles Lee. This was the first year he had coached the girls tennis team. Glanzer appreciates the support he provided throughout the year.


Glanzer was also the top singles player for Arcadia Valley and a 14-5 record in singles.


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