Amtrak depot in DeSoto is now a go

(DeSoto) After several years of hard work, an Amtrak train depot will be coming to DeSoto. DeSoto City Manager Todd Melkus says Amtrak has given the “thumbs up” for the depot and one of the next steps will be meeting with Union Pacific as it will be on their property.

Melkus says there will be two Amtrak routes that will leave from DeSoto, with one being a morning route to Chicago, and the other being an overnight ride to Texas, just past Dallas.

Melkus says a lot of people played a huge role in getting this accomplished from the local, and county level to the state level and beyond.

Getting the lease agreement with Union Pacific for the station platform, and then designing the depot will be the next big steps, followed by the construction. Melkus is hopeful the Amtrak routes to Chicago and Dallas will be ready for travelers in two years.