Area City Administrators comment on KCI handling the I-55 improvement project in Jefferson County

(Jefferson County) Now that a contractor has been decided upon to handle the I-55 improvement project, what do some of those that deal with infrastructure workings think about KCI out of St. Louis and the work they have done in the past? Pevely City Administrator Andy Hixson worked with KCI during his time working for the city of Manchester. He says KCI did a major bridge project there.

Festus City Administrator Greg Camp says KCI is a great choice to handle the huge changes coming to the I-55/US 67 ramps and interchanges.

Camp says once the work begins, it will take some time to complete it, but it will be worth it in the end.

The I-55 improvement project will include…constructing an additional lane on I-55 in both directions from Route Z to US 67….replacing intersection of US 67 and Route CC with grade-separated interchange…constructing new interchanges at Route Z, McNutt, and US 67/I-55…adding lanes at the SB I-55 to SB US 67 ramp and the NB 67 to NB I-55 ramp….as well as replacing 14 bridges, and rehabilitating 12 bridges. KCI is expected to start work on the I-55 improvement project by the end of the year.