Bat sightings reported in the Jefferson County Courthouse
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 20: A Grey-Headed Flying Fox flies through the air at the Royal Botanic Gardens March 20, 2008 in Sydney, Australia. Flying Foxes, or fruit bats, have taken up permanent roosts in the Botanic Gardens, causing major damage to heritage trees in the park. The Royal Botanic Gardens has begun a program to deter the flying foxes from roosting, as there are now some 11,000 bats roosting in the park. Deterents include noise to disturb sleep patterns, plastic bags attached to branches of trees, strobe lights, odours, and the playing of taped distress calls. (Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

(Jefferson County) Over the past few months the reports of bats inside the Jefferson County Courthouse in Hillsboro have been on the rise.

Brenda Stacey is the Presiding Judge of the 23rd Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri.

She says they have had bat sightings in the Division 10 and 4 court rooms, and even in her own court clerk’s office.

Jefferson County Executive Dennis Gannon mentions the county is aware of the problem and are currently in the process of taking care of the situation.

The number of bats inside the courthouse is unknown. However, Gannon adds the county is taking the proper and necessary measures to make sure the bat issue gets resolved.