(Belgrade) A backyard chicken in Washington County is starting to gain some fame.

The hen, known as Dixie Chick, has just been named Miss Congeniality in a nationwide contest put on by Purina.

Dixie’s owner is Valley of Caledonia 5th grader Ryleigh Maxwell of Belgrade.

She says Dixie could win the ultimate prize of Miss Flock-Tober.

Ryleigh says Dixie Chick and the rest of her birds keep her company.

If Dixie Chick wins the Miss Flock-Tober pageant, she wins a year supply of Purina poultry feed.

Ryleigh says she then plans on helping out a fellow student.

Since Dixie Chick is gaining national attention each and every day, we asked Ryleigh if she might put together a Facebook page for her special hen.

You can help Dixie Chick become Miss Flock-Tober by voting at the Purina Poultry Facebook page.

Voting begins Monday, November 4th at 9 a.m. and will end at noon Thursday, November 7th.

The entry with the most likes at the end of the voting period will be crowned Miss-Flocktober 2019.