(Farmington) A 20 year veteran with the St. Louis City Police Department who announced his candidacy for the St. Francois County Sheriff’s position, has died at the age of 68.

In an interview with Regional Radio earlier this year, Don Ebner announced that he was running as a republican.

After his time with the St. Louis department, Ebner moved to the U.S. Virgin Islands where he lived for 13 years in the private sector.

He also served as an unpaid volunteer with the police department there.

He then moved to the Farmington area close to 4 years ago.

He told us he decided to run for sheriff after hearing of deaths at the jail with a goal of modernizing the department and bringing it up to date with modern standards.

On a related note, because of Ebner’s passing, Ryan Miller, an independent candidate for the job of sheriff, announced he would now run as a republican.