Child Located With Jefferson County’s Project Lifesaver

(HIGH RIDGE)    First responders including the High Ridge Fire Department responded to an outdoor search over the weekend for a child who is a member of Project Lifesaver. The child was quickly located in a wooded area and was brought home safely. Project Lifesaver is designed to assist in the safety of persons with a cognitive condition like autism, Alzheimer’s or any other diagnosis that makes them prone to wandering. Brianne Zwiener Public Communications Officer with the Jefferson County Health Department says the person wears a bracelet that can be detected by emergency workers using an antenna receiver.

Zwiener says Project Lifesaver is a free program.

According to Zwiener, the equipment can help locate someone in the most remote of areas.

To find out more about how Project Lifesaver may be of assistance to your loved one, call the health department, 636-797-3737.