City of Viburnum Awarded Grant to Help Pay For Wastewater System Study

(Viburnum) The City of Viburnum received some good news early last week.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources awarded the town a $50,000 grant to evaluate the city’s wastewater system.

Mayor Johnny Setzer says they will use a special scoping camera.

Mayor Setzer says as soon as the City got word about the D.N.R. grant, work on the project quickly got underway.

We asked the mayor what Viburnum’s next step would be if many problem areas are found in the wastewater system.

Setzer says Taylor Engineering is expected to be in Viburnum doing the scoping camera work for at least one more week, possibly longer.

A news release from the Department of Natural Resources says the facility plan for the wastewater system should be complete sometime in June of 2024.