Clean up your property Jefferson County

(Hillsboro) The Jefferson County Council recently passed a Public Nuisance ordinance concerning noxious weeds and tall grass. Any property owners and business owners who violate the ordinance will have to take care of the problem. District 1 Councilman Brian Haskins says a law like this had never been done before and is much needed to help move the county forward.

District 5 Councilwoman Tracey Perry says it took some work to get the 4 to 3 to pass this through. She says this ordinance is more than just weeds and tall grass, it also includes the other items that can be an eye-sore.

A few of the items listed as violations include yard waste, trash, lumber, bricks, scrap concrete, derelict vehicles, derelict construction equipment, derelict lawn and garden equipment, tires, and more. You can view the full ordinance online at JEFFCO MO dot ORG.

The ordinance was signed into law in December.