Clearwater School Board Discusses Renewals, Resignations in Latest Meeting

The Clearwater School Board District at their latest school board meeting Monday discussed renewals for a few different companies.  Among the companies renewed for the next school year was OPAA Food Management.  Superintendent Archie Derboven says Clearwater got their spring report from OPAA Food Services for elementary through high school as well.

MEUHP and MetLife were also renewed for the next school year.  Derboven also announced the budget numbers for the school year.

Four resignations were also approved by the Clearwater School District; Custodian Brian Butts, Administrative Assistant Cynthia Stucker, Assistant Junior High Volleyball Coach Brooke Alcorn, and Junior High Volleyball Coach Summer D’Amico.  Their next school board meeting is set for May 17, Clearwater’s last one before graduation for the 2023-2024 school year.