Community Members Along Route Asked to Participate in Missouri Vietnam Wall Run to Perry County

(Piedmont) You are invited to take part in this year’s Missouri Vietnam Wall Run.

The ride starts in southwestern Missouri on Friday, September 16th and will end later that day in Perry County at the Vietnam Wall Replica Memorial Wall.

This special event is led by two groups, Veterans in Defense of Liberty and Liberty Riders of America.

Tracy Bennett of Piedmont is helping get the word out to all communities along the route.

Bennett provides times for communities in our listening area on when you can show your support by standing along the side of the road with American flags.

He also says if you want to join the ride when it gets closer to your town, you will have to be waiting at one of their scheduled stops before you can join in.

Bennett says this is such a special event.

After the ride on Friday the 16th, all riders will join the Bikers on the Square Rally in downtown Perryville to enjoy free concerts, veterans events and other entertainment.

The event will continue on Saturday the 17th.

That’s when the Motorcycle Parade of Honor will happen, meeting for a rendezvous of all routes and riders that Saturday morning at 11 at the Fredericktown Walmart and then all will ride to Perryville.

Once in town, the motorcyclists will be greeted by Bikers on the Square for Veterans, the community of Perryville, and The Saluting Marine Tim Chambers.

Following the parade, there will be a ceremony with special speakers.