Conservation Department to Host Wild Turkey Live Webcast

(Farmington) Interested in turkey hunting, managing land for wild turkey habitat, trends in Missouri turkey numbers and what the Missouri Department of Conservation is doing to improve wild turkey management?

Well in June, you can join the upcoming MDC live webcast to learn more.

The Missouri Department of Conservation invites the public to join its live Wild Webcast on Wild Turkeys and Turkey Management on June 3rd.

We asked a couple experts on what the turkey population looks like in their counties.

Here’s Kaleb Neece, the conservation agent for Reynolds County.

Hayley Honeycutt is the conservation agent for St. Francois County.

She says turkey numbers in her county look pretty good right now.

The Wild Turkey Webcast runs from noon until 1 on Wednesday, June 3rd.

Register in advance for the webcast by going to

During the talking turkey webcast, turkey biologist Reina Tyl will present and discuss information on wild turkey biology and ecology, the history of wild turkeys in Missouri, the state’s wild turkey population status and the MDC’s Wild Turkey Management Plan revision process.

The MDC is in the process of revising it’s Wild Turkey Management Plan to better guide wild turkey management in Missouri, including goals related to population management, habitat management, recreational opportunities and public engagement.

The MDC will be seeking public comment on its plan during the month of June.

To comment online, visit