Crystal City plans to relocate a city park

(Crystal City) Crystal City has made an agreement to move a city park to a new location. Darrell “Hickey” White Park has been located on Crystal Avenue which floods constantly since the building of the Twin City Levee. As a result, the park was closed around six years ago. For years, residents were pushing for the park to be moved to the old PPG parking lot on Mississippi Avenue. However, due to contamination, the city felt it wasn’t a good place for a new location. City Administrator Jason Eisenbeis says they have come to an agreement on a new location not too far from the park’s current location.

Eisenbeis says the change has been a long time coming and will be great for everyone involved.

Crystal City will now work on the details of the new Darrell “Hickey” White Park with the Levee Commission. The old PPG parking lot will become the new location of the Crystal City public works facility.