Crystal City supports police

(Crystal City) Jefferson County continues to show support for their first responders, especially their law enforcement. With the backlash against law enforcement following the death of George Floyd, many radicals are calling for defunding police departments all over the country. Crystal City City Administrator Jason Eisenbeis certainly doesn’t agree with that.

Many local agencies asked the public for help with better funding for their departments, and nearly all of them were supported and passed in recent elections. Crystal City was one of the first to ask their residents to pass a proposition in 2015. However, since several other agencies passed similar propositions, the funding for Crystal City police had dipped below other departments. Eisenbeis says they are planning to increase their salaries.

Since Crystal City passed their proposition five years ago, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, and police departments in DeSoto, and Festus have received better funding through the passage of propositions. Recently, both Herculaneum and Byrnes Mill have passed sales tax increase measures to better fund their departments.