(CRYSTAL CITY) The Crystal City Hornets welcome in the Valley Park Hawks for some volleyball Thursday night on AM 1400 KJFF. The Hornets are 6-7 this season and Valley Park is 1-17.

The Hornets were recently 6-4 before dropping three straight matches to Jefferson R-7, St. Clair, and Festus, all of which are 11 games above .500 or better and are bigger schools.

Head Coach Laura Helwig is happy to be playing a school more their size in Valley Park and is only concerned with how her girls approach the matchup.

One of Coach Helwig’s top performers this year has been Norwegian foreign-exchange student Frida Korshavn, who has 105 kills to lead the team.

First serve from Crystal City High School Thursday night between Valley Park and the Hornets will be at approximately 6:45 p.m. after the JV game concludes. We expect to jump right into the varsity match on AM 1400 KJFF around 6:45 after a little Mizzou Tiger Talk, which begins at 6 on KJFF.

Laura Helwig Interview