Crystal City Water and Sewer Rates Unchanged For Now

(CRYSTAL CITY)    The water and sewer rates for customers in Crystal City will remain the same as of now. This, after Crystal City Mayor Mike Osher refused to sign-off on a vote to increase the rates. The Crystal City Council had voted 6-1 in favor to raise water and sewer rates by about 2.5 percent. Crystal City Ward Four Councilman Rick Fischer said he voted for the increase because funds to pay the water plant bond specifically need to come from the water fund, a fund that Fischer believes needs a boost. Fischer adds other areas of the overall city budget cannot be co-mingled to help out the water fund to pay on the bond.

Fischer says industry and other businesses will be coming to Crystal City, but those businesses will not be operational for a few years.

Mayor Osher believes the water fund will not hit a deficit level this budget year.

According to Osher, the water fund has a surplus.

Following the 6-1 vote, the council voted again on the proposal and the vote went 5-3 in favor to override the veto but not by a required two-thirds majority to do so. So, for now the issue is on pause. Osher wants to pursue all means to be sure the increase is needed before another vote is taken.