Dianna Bartels announces her resignation as Missouri Circuit 23, Division 3, Judge

(Jefferson County) Dianna Bartels, Division 3 Judge of Missouri’s 23rd Judicial Circuit covering Jefferson County, gave notice of her resignation on Tuesday.

Unnamed sources tell KJFF that Bartels was in the middle of disciplinary hearing which may have led to her resignation.

Missouri’s 23rd Judicial Circuit Court Presiding Judge Brenda Stacey has more information

As Division 3 Judge, Bartels handled cases dealing with all municipal courts, traffic, probate involving the Public Administrator, Department of Revenue and County Tax Collection Cases.

Bartels term was set to expire at the end of the year after she lost her re-election bid to Travis Partney during August’s Primary Election.

It’s unclear if the Division 3 spot will remain unseated until the start of next year or if Partney or another judge will be appointed to fill the seat for the remainder of Bartels term.