After the Doe Run Company was fined $1.2 million near the end of 2019 for clean air violations, the money was set to go into the Iron County School Fund.

However, according to Representative Chris Dinkins, that money could be subtracted at a later date and not end up staying local.

She tells us they’ve seen this situation before.

Dinkins is now sponsoring House Bills 1817 and 1818.

She tells us that 1817 is similar to what they passed in 2010, while 1818 is a permanent fix so this problem doesn’t come up again.

The representative of District 144 says it’s obvious where the money should go.

Ultimately, it comes down to a breakdown in wording according to Dinkins as to why the Doe Run fine money could end up being subtracted from the Iron County School Fund.

But she says her bills would fix the issue.

In addition to parts of Iron County, Dinkins also represents sections of Washington, Wayne, and Reynolds Counties in the Missouri House.