Dittmer couple arrested and charged after standoff

(Dittmer, Hillsboro) A Dittmer couple has been arrested and charged after an incident on Friday. It all started after a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy was conducting a traffic stop in a driveway in the 9500 block of Jones Creek Road when the male homeowner came out of the house and began yelling to leave his property and aggressively approached the deputy with a large flathead screwdriver. Sheriff’s Office Spokesman Grant Bissell says things took a physical turn from there…

Bissell says then the woman homeowner started to get involved.

The couple went into their home and with the intention of not coming out. Additional personnel arrived including negotiators, the SWAT team, and a Canine Deputy. After nearly five hours, the man then exited the home and he again started to approach the deputies and refusing to show his hands and refusing orders to get on the ground.

47-year-old Nicholas Davis of Dittmer was charged with Assault 1st Degree, Special Victim being a Law Enforcement Officer, and Armed Criminal Action. As of Tuesday afternoon, Nicholas Davis was still hospitalized under the supervision of a deputy. He will be held at the Jefferson County Jail without bond once he is released from the hospital. 45-year-old Amanda Davis is charged with Resisting/Interfering With Arrest for a Felony and is being held without bond.

The man who was initially involved in the traffic stop was taken into custody with outstanding warrants. His name was not released.

**Please note…the Nicholas Davis photo was from a previous offense in 2016**

Photo Courtesy of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office