Doe Run Company Receives Big Funding Award From Department of Defense
(Viburnum) The Doe Run Company made a big announcement this week.
The company has been awarded $7-million from the Department of Defense under Title III of the Defense Production Act.
Tammy Stankey with the mining company explains how the D.O.D. wants Doe Run to use this money.

Stankey tells us more about this demonstration plant the company will be constructing.

And Stankey says the Doe Run Company mines in southeast Missouri just happens to have those two important minerals the Department of Defense is interested in.

This demonstration plant will be constructed at the Doe Run Company’s existing technology center located just outside the city limits of Viburnum.
Stankey was not aware of a timeline on when construction was expected to begin or when the D.O.D. would like to see it operational.
Once Doe Run has proven their technology at the demonstration plant, the next step would be to construct a full-scale commercial hydrometallurgical plant at one of the mining company’s existing mills in southeast Missouri.