Don’t Shoot Feral Hogs PSA

(Farmington) The Missouri Department of Conservation wants you to call them if you find feral hogs on your property or if you see fresh sign rather than shoot them.

The department is running a public service announcement about this invasive animal that has a stronghold right now in parts of Iron, Madison, Crawford, Washington, Reynolds and other counties in southern Missouri.

According to the conservation department, when state and federal agencies receive a report of feral hog sightings or sign on private land, a member of the Missouri Feral Hog Elimination Partnership is dispatched to review the evidence and visit with the landowner.

A strategy to trap the hogs will then be made. After eliminating the hogs, the landowner will make the decision of what is done with the carcasses.

If the landowner does not want the carcasses, technicians dispose of them on the property.

From start to finish of the feral hog trapping process, the conservation department says the most important thing for landowners to know is that they are in control of what happens on their land.