Regional Radio Dream Team

For over 40 years, Regional Radio, KTJJ, usually referred to as J-98, along with our two AM stations, KREI and KJFF, have given local high school coaches the opportunity to choose the cream of the crop and bestow on these outstanding athletes the honor of being a member of the Dream Team. The best of the best in team sports have come together for more than four decades to form the J-98 Dream Team.

How does an athlete make the Dream Team? We send nomination forms to all area high school coaches at the end of each season (fall, winter, spring). The coaches nominate their best athletes. The nominations are compiled into the Dream Team ballots which are sent to the coaches. The coaches then vote for the members of the Dream Team with one very important stipulation: they cannot vote for their own player(s)!

What does it mean to be a Dream Team athlete? The honor of being selected in this fashion to the Regional Radio Dream Team has great meaning because of the way the members are chosen. Performance, achievements, statistics and scholastics are all taken into account by the coaches when nominating their students. When it comes to voting, the athletes are not selected by the coaches they played for, but the coaches they played against. So being selected to the Dream Team is an honor of which the chosen few will carry with them for life.

Please note this is still a “work in progress”.  Athletes, coaches, and information are still being added from the archives of over 40 YEARS of multiple Dream Teams in each year.  If you see something missing, please reach out!  We would LOVE to hear from you.  Just email our Sports Team at [email protected]

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