Edward Jones Broker in Farmington Talks Stock Plunge

(Farmington) The stock market has been in free-fall for two weeks now.

The plunge began March 9th with history’s largest decline for the Dow Jones Industrial Average followed by two more record-setting point drops on March 12th and on Monday.

Here’s Paul Meinsen with Edward Jones in Farmington.

We asked Meinsen if this stock plunge is across the board or if there are some stocks out there that have gone “against the grain”.

Meinsen says once it looks like experts get a handle on the virus, he believes the market will go back up.

Before the market opened on March 9th, the Dow was at 25,864.

U.S. stocks closed a little higher today, up 188 points.

The Dow Jones will open Friday at 20,242.

On President Trump’s inauguration day, the Dow was at 19,732.

The high water mark during his presidency was less than a month before this plunge began.

On February 12th, it was the highest closing record of all-time at 29,551 but nearly all of that has been lost during the last two weeks.