Electrical Connection Has Backed Shop with a Cop in St. Francois County Since the Beginning

(Farmington) A record number of children will be helped this year through the St. Francois County Shop with a Cop program.

Hundreds of children were met by a law enforcement member from either the sheriff’s department, city police departments or other first responders on Friday morning at Walmart in Farmington.

Danny Miller of Farmington is the C.O.O. of Total Electric.

The electric workers union and Total Electric members call their group the Electrical Connection which has been donating to this local holiday program ever since the beginning three decades ago.

We asked Miller if it was a joyous morning.

But Miller says it’s rewarding to those law enforcement officers too.

Miller says St. Francois County Shop with a Cop has officially went full circle since the program began 30 years ago.

Over the years, the Electrical Connection, the electrical industry partnership of labor and management, has now contributed $89,000 to help support the St. Francois County Shop with a Cop program.

For those children who were not able to shop with a cop on Friday, they will get their oppurtunity next (this) week at the Walmart in Desloge.