Elena Lara Rallies Onto The Tennis Dream Team

(Arcadia Valley) Elena Lara of Arcadia Valley was voted onto the Regional Radio Dream Team for Girls Tennis. Lara paired with fellow Dream Teamer Alyssa Glanzer to finish 2nd at the Missouri state championships this season.

Lara only started playing tennis a couple of years ago so she’s come a long way in a short time.


Lara says her coach, Charles Lee, delivered the news of being voted onto the Dream Team.


Lara tells us why her and Glanzer worked so well as a team.


Lara says the original goal for the year was to finish all-state. Everything after that was icing on the cake.


Lara and Glanzer went 21-8 as a duo. Lara also finished 9-5 as a singles player this year.


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