Farmington Couple Who Allegedly Put Children In Sealed Boxes 5 Years Ago Continue With Court Process

(Farmington) A Farmington couple, arrested back in August of 2018, facing eight felonies each for child endangerment and kidnapping, will have another delay in their court proceedings in St. Francois County court.

Daryl Head and Laura Cheatham will have their trial settings on May 19th but they may have to wait longer than that.

That’s because Prosecuting Attorney Blake Dudley has filed a motion to have a special prosecutor appointed to the case instead of him.

Head and Cheathum, both now 43-years-old, were arrested almost five years ago.

They were arrested after the Missouri Children’s Division found their children being kept inside boxes that were sealed shut with plywood and screws.

Three girls and a boy between the ages 5 and 12 were found.

Reports say these “specially constructed” boxes had no windows or lighting.

In January of 2018, investigators say Laura Cheatham, who was a former employee with the Missouri Department of Corrections, placed an order with Prison Industries Clothing Division for four kids’ size inmate uniforms.

Cheatham apparently told the inmate who was in charge of the clothing division that the uniforms were for her kids.