Farmington Faces Potosi Friday Night on KREI
When looking at Farmington and Potosi’s football teams, you’ll see a lot of similarities: speed, size, and youth. Both teams run option-based offenses and have physical players on defense. The main difference between the Knights and Trojans is the scoreboard. Farmington won 28-14 over North County, whereas Potosi fell to a very good St. Clair team, 48-6.
Potosi head coach Dylan Wyrick was pleased with the performance of the younger players on his team.

Farmington head coach Eric Kruppe is satisfied with his team’s win, but wants to ensure his players are in the right spot to make plays.

Coach Wyrick knows Farmington has tweaked their system, but respects the new challenges this matchup brings.

Coach Kruppe is relying on his team’s knowledge of option football to stop the Trojan offense.

Coach Wyrick says his team can rise to the occasion despite the tough loss last week.

The Knights need to execute properly to increase their chances of victory.

The Farmington Knights travel to Potosi Friday night to face the Trojans. Kickoff is at 7 p.m. on AM-800 KREI.