(FARMINGTON, Mo.) – A man from Farmington has been charged after allegedly assaulting his mother.

The Daily Journal reports that 38-year old William Burgess faces charges of kidnapping in the first degree, along with second-degree domestic assault, and second-degree property damage.

The incident occurred on Monday at a residence on Kiesha Lane in Farmington.

Burgess’ mother told police that when he started threatening her, she fled and hid in her den and locked the door.

However, Burgess kicked the door in and then began striking his mother and also choking her.

The woman says that she was eventually thrown to the ground by Burgess, and that Burgess continued to choke and hit her while threatening that he would kill her.

Burgess eventually stopped striking his mother, but kept her in the den for over 30 more minutes.

Burgess is currently being held at the St. Francois County Jail on a $50,000 bond.